8 Best Ways: How To Reheat Wings

There’s nothing worse than a bad wing. I’m not talking about those dry, overcooked wings that look more like beef jerky then anything edible.

I’m talking about the good ones, fresh from the fryer and doused with your favorite sauce. But as we all know, if you order 10 wings as a starter at a bar on a Friday night you can’t expect to have those tasty treats until closing time.

So here are 8 ways to fix those soggy leftover wings so they taste just like they did when you first took them home:

1) The Microwave:

This is by far the most common and easy way of heating up your old chicken wings; however it is also the least preferred method because it doesn’t provide that nice crispy skin that we all love about wings.

2) Oven:

I like to call the oven method “the flash fry”. It’s not quite as good as frying them yourself, but it is quick and will give you some crispy skin on your wings! Just heat your oven to 425, put the wings in for 10 or so minutes (flipping half way through),

then turn over and cook for another 5-10 minutes (again flipping half way through). Make sure to use grease proof paper under your wings because they can tend to stick. This method is perfect if you just want to have enough wings at your party for everyone without having too many leftovers. Of course if you’re heating up more than 20 pieces it will take a long time, but if you’re in a rush this method works great!

3) Deep Fryer:

When all else fails, heat up your deep fryer and throw them back in for about 5 minutes or until they look crispy. This is by far the best way to reheat wings because you can get that crispiness back that we all love so much. It may seem like too much work though when there are other methods involved…

4) Grill:

If you have an outdoor grill this is probably the closest thing to frying wings again without actually doing it. Just cook over medium/high heat for about 10 minutes or until crispy on each side (flipping half way through). I know this isn’t the healthiest way of heating wings, but at least it’s not deep frying them again!

5) Steamer:

This method is perfect if you want to save some time and still have that tasty skin. Just heat your steamer up, throw in your wings, and turn off the heat when they’re hot. By the time the steam stops coming out your wings will be ready!  Warning though- this method will not provide crispy skin so if crispiness is what you are looking for then look elsewhere!

6) Baked:  

Another way of saving yourself some time but not having to sacrifice the skin is using an oven for this method.  Just put them on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil, spray them with cooking spray, then bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes or until crisp. Once again, this method will not provide crispy skin so keep looking if crispiness is what you are searching for!

7) Grill w/ Baked:

Since the grill can give you some crispy skin on your wings, why not just use it as an oven? Just cook them on medium heat until they are cooked through, then put them on the grill to crisp up. Of course make sure there’s no flame when you do this or else your wings may burn, but it works great!

8) Steamer & Grill:

This last method I’ve found is definitely my favorite way of reheating chicken wings. It provides that nice crispy skin without having to deep fry them again! All you have to do is heat up your steamer and let it do it’s job. Once the wings are hot, take them out of the steamer and throw them on your grill or your oven (if it has a broil setting). Turn to medium/high heat and cook until crispy. This method only takes about 5 minutes so if you’re really hungry and don’t want to wait too long then this is definitely the best way for you!

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