5 Tips To Save Time Cooking Dinner

If you are anything like me, cooking dinner can sometimes be a real chore. It’s easy to see why, though.

With the kids running around screaming, the phone ringing off the hook with friends calling to chat and work emails constantly popping up on your computer screen it can seem impossible to ever sit down and enjoy a nice family meal together.

I have created for myself some simple time saving steps that I follow each day that helps me cut my cooking time in half! Here are 5 of my favorite tips…

1.) Prepare A Head Of Time

This is probably one of the most valuable tips I have learned over many years of working at home while raising three small children.

Once or twice a week I will spend a bit of extra time on a Sunday night preparing all my meals for the week.

I measure out my meats, make up sauce mixtures and even chop up some vegetables. Then I store them in proper containers.

This cuts down on an immense amount of cooking time during the week as it is already done!

2.) Cook In Batches

Once you have prepared your various foods which can be frozen for later use I recommend cooking everything at once.

For example, if you are going to prepare chili this evening then cook enough chili to last several days rather than just making a small batch that will only take a few minutes to prepare.

It might seem like more work but actually saves you from having to cook so often throughout the week as you can just reheat what you have already cooked.

3.) Make The Most Of Your Microwave

Microwaves are probably the most underutilized appliances in kitchens all over America!

They cook food well and quickly, don’t heat up your kitchen in summer months, use less energy than an oven does and prepare many foods much faster that you could on a stove or grill.

The possibilities are endless with microwaves so take some time to explore the various options yours has.

I bet you will discover quite a few meals that can be prepared within minutes by using this modern marvel!

4.) Utilize Convection Ovens

If your family eats lots of baked goods then investing in a convection oven might end up saving you money in the long run.

While they are more expensive initially, they use far less energy than a conventional oven and many can be programmed to your specific needs.

For example, if you want to toast bread but don’t need it piping hot all the way through then set your convection oven accordingly for half the time needed on a full heat setting.

5.) Try A Pressure Cooker

If you enjoy cooking tough cuts of meat like I do but don’t want them to literally take all day to make then this one is for you!

I cook most of my meats using a pressure cooker now as it allows me to make stews and pot roasts in about 1/2 hour that would have taken me 4 times longer just simmering them on a stove or in a slow cooker.

I have become a HUGE fan of pressure cookers thanks to this tip and always keep one handy!

So there you have it! 5 simple ways that will save you time cooking dinner throughout the week. Give them a try and let me know how much your family loves having home cooked meals again as mine does!

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