10 Golden Rules for Decluttering Your Kitchen

Kitchen clutter can be the most difficult of all areas to declutter, what with so many possible items to store and keep close at hand. But there are some golden rules for kitchen decluttering that will make your task much easier. Here are 10 Golden Rules for Decluttering Your Kitchen!

1 . Keep things together

Don’t scatter mixing bowls, measuring cups, and cutting boards all around the kitchen. Group them on open shelves or in drawers. This saves space and makes it easy to grab what you need when you’re cooking.

2 . Stow items that are used less often higher up

Place items that are used every day closer at hand for convenience’s sake. Items that are used more sporadically can be stored higher up, where they are out of the way but remain easily accessible.

3 . Keep work surfaces clear

Make sure your countertop is free of clutter before you start cooking a meal or baking a cake or whatever activity requires the use of the countertop. Unused appliances should also be cleared off of the countertops along with any baskets of papers, books, or anything else.

4 . Label shelves and drawers

This is probably the easiest way to ensure that clutter won’t build up on kitchen shelves and in drawers. You’ll know right away if something doesn’t belong there, so you can return it where it belongs. Make sure you keep all labels high enough so they aren’t obscured by tall items stored on the shelf above.

5 . Eliminate distractions

Inside your kitchen cabinets try to store like items together so everything has its place and isn’t jumbled with things it doesn’t go with. This will prevent confusion when you’re looking for what you need during cooking or baking tasks. It also helps to limit the number of items you keep in your kitchen. Keeping only what is useful to you on a daily basis will make the space seem roomier and decluttering jobs much easier!

6 . Organize pots, pans, and baking sheets

Just as with mixing bowls, measuring cups, and cutting boards it helps to group together items that are used for similar purposes. For instance, store all of your pots together regardless if they are non-stick cookware, stainless steel, or aluminum. Store cookie sheets by type (rimmed baking sheets with rimmed cooling racks). Don’t scatter them throughout the cabinets!

7 . Use simple storage containers

If special containers aren’t available for storing certain items then store small foodstuff in glass jars or use old margarine tubs for storing all kinds of things.

8 . Wipe out cabinets and drawers after you use them

There’s no point in decluttering your kitchen if it becomes quickly messy again because old food remains are still stuck on the jars, containers, lids, or baking sheets that were used earlier. A great habit to develop is to wipe out drawers and cabinets immediately after using them. That way they stay clutter-free!

9 . Streamline pantry storage

If you have a large stockpile of canned foods make sure you line up the labels so you can see at a glance what each can contains. Store similar items together (pasta sauces with pasta, canned fruit with canned fruit, etc.). Another way to streamline your pantry storage is to store items that are used for similar purposes together.

10 . Keep what you use the most at hand’s reach

This sort of goes along with golden rule #1 about keeping like things together but this is more focused on what you actually use in terms of eating or drinking during meal times. Items such as plates, glasses, mugs, and flatware should be kept within easy reach so they don’t have to be stooped over or reached high up for when it’s time to eat. If everyone in your household generally eats alone then consider storing all of these items low down where they are easily accessible.

These Golden Rules for Kitchen Decluttering will make any job go much faster! It’s simply amazing how much more enjoyable cooking and baking can be when your kitchen is free of clutter. You’ll find yourself feeling happier about the space before you even get started!

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