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Italian’s are not known to serve small amounts of food. On holidays there was always an obscene amount. Our Thanksgiving meal took all day to eat; kid you not!!! We had to pace ourselves so we wouldn’t fall into a food coma. Not only did we have turkey and all the fixings, but some traditional Italian dishes were served as well.
Before we even got to the turkey, there was antipasti.. different types of cheeses, cured meats, olives, roasted peppers..etc…etc…etc..etc. Then came soup (a family recipe), ravioli & meatballs.

Over the years, as our older relative passed on, our Thanksgiving feasts were condensed with most Italian dishes eliminated.:( The one thing that did remain was the antipasti, with a few changes. My mother turned the antipasti into a salad. This seemed to be a much more manageable amount of food. We all loved it just the same.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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