OAXACA TLAYUDA with CHORIZO (Mexican pizza)

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Cinco de Mayo marks the victory of the Mexican army over the French, in the Battle of Puebla. It’s a day where Mexicans everywhere honor their culture. No matter if your Mexican or not, everyone loves Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican restaurants are packed and house parties are happening everywhere. Could it be the hip swinging music, the chips and guac or the tequila? Whatever the reason, it’s a fun celebration for all.


This year, push aside the tacos and seven layer dip and serve up a couple of Mexican pizzas. You’re going to love this easy, delicious and fun recipe…party or not!
Oaxaca tlayuda, is a traditional street food snack, similar to pizza. Large disc of dough made from masa (corn flour) are cooked on a clay skillet or over hot coals. It’s traditionally topped with refried beans, cheese, tomatoes and cabbage.

In my version, I used store bought corn tortillas as the crust and spread it with mashed red beans, tomatoes, green peppers, pickled jalapeño, white onion, cheese and chorizo! I baked it for 10 minutes and out came a party on a plate.


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