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A friend came to visit, walked in my house, plopped a cake on the kitchen counter, tore open the pastry box and proclaimed, “You’ve GOT to taste this cake. It’s the best damn pound cake I’ve ever eaten.” On the box were the words “Philly Fluff.” Besides wanting to share with me this cake made in heaven, she thought I would get a “kick” out of the name, due to the fact I was born and raised in Philadelphia.

Feeding off her adrenaline, I got excited to try the cake. I cut a small piece and took a bite. My eyes grew wide and I quickly cut myself a giant, hungry man piece. I literally, moaned as I ate this huge piece of heaven. It was light and fluffy like a cloud. It was truly the best pound cake I’ve ever eaten; in my life!!! I quickly took note of the bakery where it was purchased. I had to know where I could buy more of this baby.

I had never heard of Philly Fluff cake, so I had to research it. The bakery where my friend bought it was, “Natale’s,” in Summit, New Jersey. This pound cake is their number one seller and has been for the last 70 years. Don’t let the name Philly Fluff, fool you. It has nothing to do with the City of Brotherly Love, but has everything to do with the fact that it’s made with Philadelphia cream cheese.

Since baking is scientific, I couldn’t conjure up my own recipe, so I searched the web. I came across a few recipes, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the recipe by Krissy, over at Make it Naked, that I knew I found one I had to try. Some of the other recipes, used shortening and hers did not, which made it appealing to me. Besides, I loved the story she wrote about the cake and her adorable grandfather. Check her site out.

I changed the cake a bit by making it lemon poppy, per my son’s request. Not only was I pleased with the recipe, so were my friends and family. We loved it so much, I had to bake another, this time like the one my friend bought at Natale’s Bakery, plain. My intentions were to use Krissy’s recipe and maybe one or two others that I found. But, after tasting her’s, there was no need to look any further for the perfect Philly Fluff recipe.

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